Ryan Zimmerman’s contract is the worst contract the MLB has seen in decades

Most short-sighted fanatics would think such a deal is setting themselves up for a potential revenue loss in the future. Scherzer is already under contract through 2020, but at the tender age of 26, the Cy Young Award winner can be a free agent after the 2021 season.

When you make a deal like this, a great question to ask yourself is: why not just make a two-year deal? The Mets can continue building for the future while still being able to pick up one more year from Scherzer by simply breaking his deal and signing him to a two-year deal.

We are also now entering the early stage of the off-season, so there is plenty of time to make things right.

Named 2014 AL Cy Young Award winner, Scherzer struck out 219 batters with a 1.64 ERA, and a 49-13 record, boasting a WAR of 15.8. He will, in all likelihood, take home his second Cy Young Award in the upcoming season. That being said, he has maintained a service time of 11 years. A three-year deal with an option after that would run his total earnings to around $220 million.

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