James Franco and Michelle Williams party with James Cromwell and Brian Cox

In 2010, on the set of “Dinner for Schmucks,” the pair got to know each other during their second script read-through together.

Six years later, Stanley Tucci and John Krasinski got together over Thanksgiving to talk about the new season of “The Office,” which Krasinski co-stars in alongside Andy Daly and Hannibal Buress.

“The Office” returns for its ninth and final season this September.

While they didn’t talk about where season nine would be, the two certainly got to know each other on set.

Tucci tells EW: “When they came onto the set they were wowed by what you’re doing. … They called me the ‘uncle’ and said, ‘We can’t believe you’re doing this thing!’ ”

Speaking of, their first big scene together in the season eight premiere was a very “Portlandia”-esque one that they “shot on a Saturday.”

He says: “There was a kitchen set, and we were setting up the scene and we got a little too excited and we’re surrounded by booze and food and that was it. It was the most fun thing. It was spontaneous.”

The actor says he and Krasinski enjoyed having “an office room that nobody has ever gone in before.”

Tucci recalls that on set he would entertain the cast and crew “with me having meetings. It was just me talking into a paper bag, which is my trademark. I’ve never really loosened up and said the lines until I got to be 40. It’s a deep, long conversation.”

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