‘Fluffy’ is the most popular pet name of 2018

Written by Staff Writer

“Fluffy” is the most popular pet name of 2018, according to a new online pet name survey conducted by Hello Kitty.

For the first time since the Hello Kitty survey began in 2009, a human name topped the most popular pet names for cats and dogs.

A colleague from the US shared her photo of her two dogs with Hello Kitty, a character of the Japan-based Hello Kitty brand. She received 1,535 different responses when she asked the online community to help with the naming.

(This photo was taken by Flickr user christopher lovejoy.)

Founded in 1974, Hello Kitty sells toys, stationery, apparel and other products through a variety of channels.

In the online survey, the most popular names for animals — the most popular names for humans — were:

1. “Fluffy” (58.73% of votes)

2. “Hoodie” (27.29%)

3. “Fluff” (19.11%)

4. “Princess” (13.66%)

5. “Orphan” (11.89%)

6. “Hurley” (8.28%)

7. “Dougie” (3.62%)

8. “Quincy” (2.80%)

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