Scaffolding in Glasgow playground: from above

Image copyright PA Image caption This photograph shows scaffolding in a busy part of Glasgow’s Buchanan Street, behind the City Chambers

‘The only way I get across the road is by the scaffolding’

Immediately below the scaffolding that is covering a pedestrian signal is a row of London buses that are slowing to a crawl.

There are children walking past the London buses and parents with their children on their way to the Baker Street play area, some to pick up their children and others to wait to pick them up, others to watch the races.

Buses slow down down on Baker Street on a weekday morning. Image caption Some parents are delayed while trying to retrieve their children from the play area

Only about three metres away, across the road, is a busy carriageway. There is a solid row of people across the road, trying to cross with their carriageway in the foreground and the scaffolding in the background.

“There is very little visibility to a pedestrian on the pavement,” says Kevin, “even with the light here”.

Image caption Most pedestrians are unaware of the scaffolding and now know they can’t cross – unless they have a ticket

Local resident Becky is waiting for her son after playing with him.

“It would be lovely if they would just move it,” she says, “because I know the way I walk so I don’t go anywhere near this”.

Image caption The cluttering of streetlights, signs and roads – seen from above – means pedestrian traffic cannot be handled safely.

In this picture it is impossible to tell how many people are across the road, so it is not possible to tell how many are using the bus route.

Further away, pedestrians are speeding off towards the play area.

“It’s awful, they have to be moving” say the parents.

“It’s awful for the community but awful for pedestrians too.”

Image caption They all want to cross the road but the scaffolding means many do not get there.

“It’s on the money for the car,” says Kevin.

“I hope it’s a temporary matter.”

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