Tech Execs to Testify at House Intel Hearing as the ‘Dog and Pony Show’ Ends: Report

Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram and Google’s Vice President of Product, will testify before a House panel on the social media platform as a way to demonstrate that platforms can be used to shape the public discourse, the heads of Facebook and Twitter announced Tuesday.

Mosseri’s testimony at House Energy and Commerce Committee’s oversight hearing will be the second in two months for the three tech chiefs, the former Federal Trade Commission member Joshua Wright told Fox News’ Jason Chaffetz on “America’s Newsroom.”

“What we’re seeing so far is, either CEOs or executives for the platforms, that they’re now stepping up to say, we’ll be in front of you,” Wright said, arguing the testimony on Capitol Hill will help to end the “dog and pony” show on Capitol Hill.

Asked by Fox News’ Heather Childers if Facebook was becoming more proactive to answering questions after a series of bad headlines, Executive Director of the Center for Investigative Reporting Gerry Manderino said, “I think the Trump administration has made this a priority.”

Mauer said the testimony demonstrates companies “are ready” to be involved with lawmakers.

“We just need the person sitting in front of them answering questions that have to do with their platform,” Mauer said.

Other technology companies also signaled a willingness to testify, including Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Twitter.

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