CNN contributor Lauren Boebert on being ‘canceled’ for criticizing magazine article

Senior CNN contributor Lauren Boebert tweeted Friday morning, “I will not be canceled.”

The high-profile political commentator and the mother of three — including a newborn — later faced criticism for directing her tweet at the book brand Gotham Books.

Boebert worked as an editor at Gotham Books when it released Laura Bush’s “A Full Life: Reflections at Ninety” in 2017.

After Politico published a report Friday morning about Boebert’s comments, CNN’s Ari Melber asked Boebert during a “The Lead” on Friday whether she regretted the comments.

“I made some wrong choices,” Boebert said. “That was my response to the interviewer in the beginning.”

However, Boebert went on to say that she “left a comment on Bloomberg Businessweek’s wall after reading that today.”

She also said that she sent her “response directly to the author of the story” who “I hope (‘resets’).”

A spokesperson for Gotham Books responded to CNN’s requests for comment on Friday.

“As a public employee, Lauren Boebert obviously had the legal right to express her opinion and that opinion is as controversial as it comes. Gotham Books is extremely proud of her, but it’s the wrong platform to use to talk about her personal life,” the spokesperson said.

CNN President Jeff Zucker has since issued a statement to Politico addressing the incident.

“We agree with CNN Senior Contributor Lauren Boebert that she should have said she had ‘been blocked.’ We support her opinion, and will not be canceling her show or inviting her to appear on any of our shows as a result of this,” Zucker wrote.

CNN currently has five new shows set to launch in 2020, including “A Perfect Circle” and “House of Justice.”

Boebert’s hosts for these shows, “The Sixty Minute” and “Primetime News Hour,” are Eliot Spitzer and S.E. Cupp.

CNN has not yet commented to CNN’s hosts about her tweets.

Boebert, who also hosts the weekly “Ideas with Lauren Boebert,” on the Beacon Communications network, works as a Washington correspondent for CNN.

Her show has not yet launched but has been up since March, averaging slightly more than 50,000 viewers per episode. The show has been on a bit of a time-out the past couple of weeks. Her final Thursday segment this season was on Donald Trump’s cabinet.

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