Dr Donald Sproule: Toronto doctor accused of sex assault

Image copyright Peter Penashue

A Toronto doctor has been arrested in connection with an investigation into sexual assault allegations involving patients.

Dr Donald Sproule was taken into custody at about 18:00 BST on Monday and is under arrest for an unrelated matter.

He was released on bail after being charged with sexual assault with a weapon.

The investigation was prompted by an anonymous tip.

The medical centre where Dr Sproule works is called Bloomsbury Family Practice and is not licensed to operate in the province of New Brunswick, Canada.

New Brunswick issued a statement saying the doctor’s licence had been suspended.

“All patients registered at that practice are invited to come in to our office, seek their care and ensure their health is being taken care of,” said Jane Mundy, a spokeswoman for the Health Division of the province.

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Dr Sproule is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday.

His arrest comes just days after the arrest of another doctor in the same hospital, Peter Penashue, the Tory MP who was Canada’s first Conservative Party foreign affairs minister.

Mr Penashue quit cabinet in 2013 after he claimed reimbursement for expenses for which he could not provide documentation. He lost his seat in the last election.

He was found guilty of overstating his travel expenses and “forgery and uttering forged documents”.

“Mr Penashue believes his release on bail is the right decision and continues to focus on his continuing recovery,” said his office.

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