DANCE CLUB: Twins Deactivated By Instagram After Appearing On ‘Alexandria Dupree Dance Reality’ Show

Texas Twins Carson and Landon Kaye found themselves in the unwanted spotlight earlier this week, after it was discovered that the two were participating in the “Alexandria Dupree Dance Reality” show on Instagram. Alexandria is the North Miami rapper whose controversial music video, “Break the Chain,” has been spreading through social media, and media attention, since it was released early this summer.

While at first there was a lack of comment from the Daley twins, the world took notice on Thursday after the episodes were posted to Instagram.

Since the twins’ appearance on the show, they’ve been deactivated from the site and are no longer commenting. They seemed surprised at the show’s social media attention, as the twins were on the actual show, but it doesn’t appear as if the show is satisfied with their hiatus.

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Within a few hours of the Daley twins being deactivated, “Alexandria Dupree Dance Reality” was removed from YouTube, and as of right now, “Alexandria Dupree Dance Reality” is only viewable on the show’s official website.

After the Daley twins deactivated, several news outlets reported on their interactions with director Jameil Beck on the show. According to TMZ, Beck said he did not seek out the twins, and that he let them participate in the show after he noticed them doing the choreography.

According to a report from US Weekly, Beck, who is gay, and the Daley twins’ performance received criticism from other contestants on the show. Beck reportedly told them if their performance was not good enough, they’d have to dance again in the semi-finals.

“I think it’s inappropriate to have them dancing, because this is really about gay male dancing for such a young age,” contestant, Toronto-based dancer Kyle Davis, told TMZ. “It’s not a one-dimensional story about a gay life experience. It’s about a gay dancer.”

The Daley twins have yet to respond to this report.

But before news broke of their participation in the show, the twins performed choreographed dances by RnB artist Fetty Wap in a live show on Friday night, at the Sweet 16 party at SLAM in New Orleans.

Alexandria Dupree’s music video, “Break the Chain,” features images of his cousin, Trevon Jenkins, who was fatally shot on Aug. 31, and his uncle, Marvin Anderson, who was found murdered in a car on Aug. 26. The video features shots of the two men’s family members and friends who have lost their lives to violence.

According to TMZ, Collins told the Daley twins that he is “not looking for a handout, but the only way to get it is to work hard.”

As of Thursday night, Cotyra Collins, Alexandria Dupree’s mother, and CeCe Dupree, Alexis Dupree’s mother, both told US Weekly that they are not planning on taking legal action against the twins.

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