The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah and the constant whodunnit over Trump ally Roger Stone

“Republicans should focus their scorn on the Democrat Party and, specifically, [Senate Minority Leader] Chuck Schumer who is betting the Republican Party’s political life on re-electing the Democrats all over the country.” Trump said last week that voters could only elect Democrats in every district that saw a white man lose in a re-election bid in the 2018 midterms.

The big picture: The debate over the debate over the Mike Rosen response, which only came after Rosen was criticized by top Democrats, has been raging ever since, especially on social media. Trump and others expressed frustration that “the trash in the GOP Conference” made it look like they don’t support their Republican colleagues. However, it’s not clear whether many senators took the pulse of Republican voters while fighting the Rosen response, or if the fact that the top Republicans didn’t even weigh in at all is something many observers found surprising.

One quote: “I wish Mike had put out an apology, where he said something along the lines of, I fully acknowledge the comments I made and I think that, looking back at the video, they were way over the top.” Michael Enzi, of Wyoming, told CNN. “I heard a lot of his comments and he shouldn’t have let the invective in that statement stand.”

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