London plows get cold shoulder on the side of a pub; police push back

How a man and a friend made it out a frosty village pub by a friend’s plow.

ST. HOPE’S, DORSET, England — Here’s how it unfolded:

About 5 a.m. Sunday, severe weather in England left Dorset County Council running out of cars and plows to clear public roadways, Dorset Police said. Instead, the council used a fellow citizen to clear snow from the narrow streets.

But police warned anyone planning to use one of the council’s special equipment “to not go outside while it is in use.”

The bizarre snowplow needed a friend

The images — passed around on social media — show a man pulling the plow’s plow, while a friend runs inside the Snow Plough Pub in St. Hope’s, Dorset.

The plow stayed on the pavement to clear snow and ice off the pub’s tiny path, Dorset Police tweeted, which was partially covered by white blanket.

As the 3 a.m. snow turned to snow on the roof of the pub, people stood in their pajamas to watch a plow’s journey through the village.

Lots of shenanigans. The pub was ‘opening’ hours early. We had nothing better to do… #snowplough #dorset — St. Hope’s (@StHope_Pub) July 15, 2018

The plow eventually swept through, and the pub was almost fully cleared. (At least until the woman who accidentally fell in the snow came back out.)

The plow was off the road, and as the day wore on, more friends stopped by to check in.

Then, everyone came back again — in the middle of the night — to see how the plow had done.

“We had nothing better to do,” St. Hope’s manager Chris Harrison said to the BBC. “We left it out overnight as planned, but not everyone returned. It was just one of those things.”

This is how a snowplow works! Please don’t attempt this yourself.

More snow?

But police aren’t entirely joking about winter conditions. The county council tweeted it would attempt to clear roads again by a plow Sunday afternoon.

Dorset Police also tweeted that road closures had been lifted as more rain falls and the snowfalls subsides.

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