MSNBC Report on El Salvador’s Toloache Patriotic Movement

MSNBC Reports on Toloache Patriotic Movement in El Salvador

El Salvador had a historic Jan. 15 and 1, an election in which the fledgling right-wing ARENA party won control of Congress, defeating a group of politicians – established and popular with the FMLN – seeking to reform the economy and bring back party presidents.

MSNBC will report from Tegucigalpa, El Salvador tomorrow, Friday, February 15, at 8:00 p.m. ET and 11:00 p.m. on CNN en Español. During the hour, MSNBC will revisit the controversial campaign. Highlights include:

Castro de RL today, in El Salvador, a point of contention between the parties.

MSNBC chief political correspondent Alex Witt joins Chief Link editor Gustavo Díaz-Balart in El Salvador to outline the influence of the United States during the mid-term elections

Enrique Paris has the latest on the party political stance in El Salvador, which goes far beyond a particular ideology or party.

In one word, the program will sum up the uncertainty, disarray and instability of an election in a nation in great need of economic, political and social improvements.

National correspondent Rosa Cartagena, news anchor and reporter Luisa Gomez, sports presenter Miguel San Antonio and political analyst Alberto González round out the group.

CNN en Español has a cadre of correspondents who have traveled extensively to and reported from the region, including:

Enrique Tlaquepaque: London, Colombia, over 16 years, for CNN en Español. Has been in various major cities and on remote locations, like Amazonas, Chiguire, south of the mountains and part of the Ofociana Range, in remote indigenous communities, a place with mud-splattered roads.

Carla Álvarez: London, England, for CNN en Español. Has traveled over 1,000 kilometers, and has produced film projects in the Orinoco River, in rainforests of Venezuela, Sierra Leone, Camero Mountains, and Saudi Arabia. She covers the UN system and women’s rights.

Humberto García Martinez: London, England, for CNN en Español. London-based journalist has published a travelogue, Ciudades Entre Palanquins, published in San Francisco, CA, and is the author of three travel books.

President of the Network: Angel Herrera

Political Editor: Martin Ortiz

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