South African company granted license to sell spirit across Africa

A growing South African beverage company has won approval to sell J. & J. brand whiskey across Africa, marking the country’s first intercontinental development.

J. & J. Vodka (Gauteng) Company Limited, a subsidiary of J. & J. Australia Pty Ltd., announced this week that the beverages industry regulator NAPC have given the company an approval, exempting it from the statutory provisions that typically come with wine licenses.

“It is expected that the license will launch J. & J. and other tequilas across Africa, following a rollout of the product across the Middle East, Nigeria and parts of Africa,” Yves Kubala, CEO of J. & J. South Africa, said in a statement.

“Very little, if any, non-Naspers media is printed, so there is plenty to buy,” said Luis Benitez, CEO of J. & J. Australia, in the statement.

Benitez believes this decision will create a new opportunity for both the company and the country.

The firm sees the potential to export and sell J. & J. brands not only in regions that are too big to fully service, but also countries where the company has strong operational presence.

“Our recent [range of beer brands] expansions in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Lebanon are all intended to give them a first-hand experience in serving J. & J.,” he added.

With the new license, the company plans to expand the range to South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Ivory Coast.

This story was first published by Bloomberg

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