Heart-healthy eating and reducing processed foods

If you have been following my health tip series on FOX31 Denver here are my latest two, on heart-healthy foods and dealing with high blood pressure. So, come back every day this week for more of my food tips.

You will notice by now that my health tips always seem to include a vegan or vegetarian option, and today’s take on heart-healthy eating is no different.

First, go vegan. Switch from cow products to plant-based protein, such as beans, nuts, grains, flaxseed, soy, almonds, hemp seeds, tofu, or tempeh.

Next, watch your calories. Make fat-free and low-fat dairy a part of your diet. I love oat milk, chocolate pudding, canned pumpkin, shredded coconut, and Greek yogurt.

Then, reduce salt and reduce packaged and canned foods. Keep sodium to about 1,500 milligrams per day, and buy fortified fruits and vegetables and flaxseed.

Finally, replace added sugars with natural sugars. You can do this with fruits, stevia, and honey.

Dr. Michael Roizen is the Chief Wellness Officer at Cleveland Clinic.

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