Mark Hurd column: Lovely green, awful secrets

Trees removed from Hoddesdon Village green after tip of umbrella swept into path, with bird poo remaining

On Tuesday January 8, Bloor Gardens green in Hoddesdon Village, Hertfordshire, was closed in half a dozen places after a horse rescue volunteer pointed out that a barrow in the corner looked like something from The Karate Kid. The butterfly and guinea hens on offer for food had to go, and on a hill overlooking the village’s Blythwood Park was raised a caravan with a single mattress propped on two wooden planks to make up an emergency shelter for the homeless. It was dark by the time it re-opened, but despite the weather the elderly clients were up and about.

On Monday February 4, St Brieuc Square in Blythwood Park was closed after chunks of brickwork flew off the front of the famous Blythwood Manor and fell into the path. The kerbs and cement extensions around them were blown away and it looked like that the chimney section might have collapsed. A bolt of electrical wire had been dangled from the roof and a blue backgammon set had been flipped on the ground on to the road. The repair job is not yet complete but it has been a good get-up-and-go for the cash-strapped park and much easier than the £25,000 cost of repairing the damage from the section of Bloor Gardens that was ripped off from the original gatehouse in 2017.

A broken turnstile is also being repaired with money donated from local people, workers and donations made by the Flying Panda Fruit Machine.

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