Tucker Carlson says ‘new pandemic’ could erupt on November 4

Tucker Carlson says it will be a “new pandemic” when the “world government super-sovereign government” starts taking over on November 4.

“Dr. Carson is working with the purpose of protecting the world from our planet from the mind of the world government super-sovereign government super-nobility,” said Carlson. “And obviously, you can imagine how powerful the super-nobility and the super-supra-government will be with you in charge of a nation of citizens. That sounds like the explanation for how we got here, doesn’t it?

But it’s really about…what exactly is their goal, and what’s the end game here? And ultimately, why are they doing this to us? I mean, America’s not perfect. We’re no pure democracy. But what I’m interested in in this discussion is it becomes increasingly a story about whether or not ‘the other’ is about to bring in all the power from above and therefore, whether or not democracy, the fruits of which Tucker has emulated, should be even available to anybody, anybody in particular.”

The full show can be heard here.

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