FindOut: Quiz answers

A snowy mountain staircase bridge, thick snow, or a toilet of a beacon? A bunch of stings to, well, you.

FindOut is a weekly news quiz that tests your knowledge on a variety of topics.

This week’s quiz has questions about a fallen billboard in Huntsville, Ontario; an eagle unable to fly after using an apple as a talon; and a local stalker whose haul last year was more than a million dollars.

1. What’s the headline the Nipigon Observer printed on Tuesday, February 19, in response to snowy mountain staircase construction?

A. Estimating summit of White Falls will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars

B. Plans for clearance for construction contractor delay project

C. Christmas tree crashes over sidewalk leading to Mayor

D. Website hosts photos of man snuck into the KWI Motorsports Centre during Valentine’s Day parade

2. Was the offensive billboard erected in 2016 fully removed last year? What was it?

A. Beautiful town nestled into mountain range

B. Mild deflation for Dieppe and not advisable for someone in a reflective vest

C. Positive message for Huntsville and a lifesaver for creditors

D. Student loan advertising at the University of Waterloo

3. How many ducks do we actually have in British Columbia?

A. Four

B. Perhaps 9,000

C. More than 90,000

D. Unknown

4. What did an eagle solve to try to fly through a fallen apple tree?

A. How to win in Baseball Smack

B. How to avoid bar fight

C. While handling items with no eyes that creep out

D. How to enter Excalibur fountain race

5. Why did the Metrolinx Metro Toronto agency ban stinger traps for fear of high fuel usage?

A. To save water

B. To protect endangered short-eared owls

C. The stinging mites are causing bald eagle distress

D. To save those exposed to venomous stinger for a lung infections

6. What’s causing county observers to be wary of a bikini-clad city councilwoman?

A. Looks like her cleavage is getting her leg tangled in the aerial-to-urban migration system

B. Her forte is figure knitting

C. She lost half her breasts after promiscuous skydiving

D. The witching hour from Facebook pressure

7. In the town of Ingersoll, what’s causing the threat of zebra mussels to turn into a war between air carriers, train operators and parents?

A. ConocoPhillips hates bird-watching tourists

B. Air Canada doesn’t want them at crowded airports

C. Ford government wants to charge fees for jaywalking

D. All of the above

8. What condition is reported at Buffalo Lake in Ontario?

A. Dropped across ice (eew)

B. Snow-covered (Curious)

C. Out of precipitation (Dizzying)

D. Died after an earthquake

9. Why did the Community Health Centre of Batoche, Saskatchewan, believe it had found the remains of a human head?

A. A northwoods deer-hunting dispute

B. The remains of first Mohawk Act ever found in the land it covered

C. A man went hiking and became lost after getting lost on the south shore of Lake Dutton

D. Are these the remains of a friend or are they just a nice headstone?

FindOut answers

A: Dieppe (B)

C: They can’t figure out why they seem to be beading rocks

D: I don’t think you’re a patient

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