Kai Hansen’s Box of Legends: Max Verstappen

At the age of 19, Max Verstappen has already made it to the front of the Formula 1 starting grid. Not just once, but twice this season, the youngster is starring in a race he now describes as “pretty awesome.”

“The start was great; then after a bit we got stuck in traffic. We did a good restart and got back on track and attacked. Not bad at all,” said Verstappen.

Speaking about the overtaking maneuvers, the Dutchman was only too happy to do his share.

“Everybody likes seeing overtaking, so that was pretty cool for sure. A long lap at 150 kph was nice too. There are always positives,” Verstappen said.

That positive attitude has been engrained in the kid from Belgium from a young age.

“When I was a kid I used to take my friends around and teach them how to drive,” Verstappen told motorsport.com. “I like playing with power steering and all the tricks you can do with it. I like racing with it too and that’s why I took my friends to practice it when I was young.”

Right now, he’s already got enough experience to be going through the wall (those doors, not so much) in the driver’s seat.

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