Ontario Is Failing To Take The Lead On Electric Cars, Here’s Why

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Ford’s decision to kill the Toronto Transit Commission’s electric vehicle charging network is a disaster for Ontario’s leadership in the EV space. Now that city council has taken an aggressive position against EVs and is not backing down, others will jump on the same doomed path. Electrifying cars won’t mean a lot to many people unless they drive them themselves. But to people on the road it is all about safety and how it affects the person inside. Thankfully, a national agency of experts – the Electrification Council – is up to the task and has our best interests at heart.

Ontario is the largest market in Canada for EV sales, and until now it was shaping up to be a leader in both innovation and policy. All Ford’s done is validate that move away from EVs is the way to go.

Ford’s decision flies in the face of what others like The Clean Air Federation are thinking and that needs to change.

The Clean Air Federation is Ontario’s premier trade body lobbying on behalf of the automotive industry to roll back incentives on electric vehicles.

This is a dramatic head turn in the EV space, which does not need another competition war. It is here to stay, and it’s gonna be hot.

Mike Warner is the VP of Electrification at Plugin.

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